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    will please every eye

  • Pleasant Surroundings

    The Prague is just one

  • Quality drinks

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About the club

Why stop at our club?

Our motto is simple - beauty, quality, fun, confidentiality, affordable prices and enjoyable service - that's QueensClub. Our business is located in the center of Old Prague and we believe that everyone who visits us will take an unforgettable experience from the heart of Europe.

Dance menu

Every day there are more than fifteen dancers dancing all night. From Wednesday to Saturday, there are various erotic shows on the program: autoerotic show, lesbian show, etc. so every time you look forward to it.

Special offers

We offer the possibility of organizing various events: company party, free-riding party, birthday party and others. We are willing to organize a party in a closed company for you.                      

Dance menu

The choice is yours





Discrete environment

Enjoy your fun in the center of Prague

They Came, They Saw, They Wondered ...

Why to visit our club?

  • Večerní návštěva klubu po práci a s partou odvázaných kolegů. Příjemná atmosféra, řeč nestála, pití teklo proudem, zábava se vydařila.


  • Loučení se svobodou probíhá jen jednou a musí být na co vzpomínat. Dobrý pití, fajn holky, super jízda. Z klubu jsme odcházeli až ráno za světla.


  • Potkáte staré kamarády ze školy, chcete pokecat a trochu se pobavit. Ale přitom chcete mít trochu soukromí. Pak je Queensclub správná volba.



Skořepka 422/7

Praha 1, 110 00

Česká republika


Telefon : +420 737 206 920




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